Refrigerators are an essential household, and business appliance. They help all sorts of businesses involved in the food and catering industry keep their products fresh, ensuring nothing goes rotten before they’ve had a chance to use it. They’re perfect for storing food at home, and they provide you with ice whenever you need it. There are some common problems which occur with refrigerators, below are 4 of the main ones.

  1. Too much noise is coming from the unit > This is one of the most common refrigerator problems you’ll encounter, your unit is making too much noise when it is switched on, it may even be disturbing your sleep if it is really loud. This usually sounds like a constant buzzing or sizzling which can be caused by a build-up of ice, or a damaged electronic control board. If an accumulation of ice is the problem, the sound comes from the evaporator fan hitting the ice as it spins. If you think this might be the issue, it is time to contact a service technician in your area.
  2. The temperature isn’t cold enough > Another common issue with refrigerators is the temperature, if your fridge is too cold, or not cold enough, there is something wrong with your thermostat. Before calling a repairman, turn your fridge off and trying to clean the condenser coils, use a vacuum on low suction, or a coil brush. Don’t rub the coils too hard when cleaning, you don’t want to damage them. If that doesn’t work and your appliance still isn’t working, you should call an expert. If you’re based in West London, there are some great technicians who deal with regular and mini fridge repair in Uxbridge and Hayes. They also offer their services at a very affordable price.
  3. You’ve water leaking into the main compartment > This problem is usually caused by food particles clogging up the bottom of the evaporator coils. Ice starts to build up inside your fridge causing the drainage area to get blocked, the ice continues to accumulate, leaving it with nowhere to go, and instead of evaporating it melts. This causes water to leak into the main compartment. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact a qualified technician.
  4. The ice maker has stopped working > if your ice maker has seized, you may have to replace the motor inside, the best way of doing this is to call a professional repairman. A blocked water inlet may also cause your ice maker to stop, you can check this yourself by turning off the mains and examining the value to see if it has suffered any damage. Remove any debris from the screen, filter, or valve, if that doesn’t help, contact a local technician.

A Refrigerator is one of the most important business and household appliance on your premises, especially if you rely on them to store food for your restaurant or shop. They get damaged from time to time, and the best way of fixing them is to call a qualified, reliable technician. One who offers a capable service at an affordable price.

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