There is nothing more fun that playing around in the pool, splashing about with your kids and enjoying the water is a mentally soothing activity that is great for your body and mind. But, nobody likes to dive into a freezing cold pool, so why not invest a small amount of cash on a home heating system for your pool. Let’s look at 5 of the main advantages.

  1. 365 Days a Year

The most obvious advantage to installing a heating system in your pool is increased usage, you have much more time to enjoy the pool without neglecting it for large portions of the year due to weather conditions. You can swim even during harsh weather if you don’t mind getting from the comfort of your warm home into an equally warm pool. It may be cold outside in just your swimming attire, but the moment you dive in you’ll find instant relief, a refreshing dip in a heated pool during those cold winter months can be just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Protection

A heated pool will protect your unit all year round from freezing winter conditions which threaten to cause serious damage to your pipes and surrounding structures. An unheated pool is fine during the summer, but once the winter sets in you’re at risk of suffering damage that can be expensive to replace. One area most at freeze from low temperatures is your pools plumbing system, if the water freezes and expands it can cause pipes to crack and burst. The benefit of having a heated pool is that you constantly have warm water flowing through your system. An electric swimming pool heat pump guarantees that your system continually regulates hot water and eliminates the risk of damage.

  1. Added Property Value

Many people see a swimming pool as an unnecessary luxury which they can do without, but it is a great investment if you decide to put your property up for sale. Any type of swimming facility will add value to your home, but a heated unit will increase the price substantially. If your pool is set amongst a beautifully designed landscape, it can increase the value of your property by as much as 15%. If you want to increase your asking price, installing a heating system in your pool is a great way to do so.

  1. Health Benefits

It doesn’t matter how old you are, swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit and healthy, even as we begin to age, exercise is vitally important, and swimming provides a great way of keeping fit. It is a perfect choice for older adults as it reduces the amount of impact on our joints while providing just the right amount of resistance to show results.

Having a swimming pool on your property has a huge amount of benefits, it is great when trying to keep yourself and your family physically active, a heated pool adds substantial value to your home, and it also protects your swimming pool all year round, especially during cold, frosty winters.

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