If you live in the United Kingdom, you will already know all about the freezing weather, with biting sub-zero temperatures and chill factors that leave you breathless, and you’ll probably be aware that most of your energy at home is dedicated to keeping out the cold! The amount of money that rises from your home into the freezing night air can be staggering, depending, of course, on your insulation, and with that in mind, there are things one can do to improve home insulation, and here are a few examples.

  1. Loft Insulation – One of the most critical components of any home insulation, lofts should be insulated with either fibreglass or sheep’s wool. You can buy this in rolls, and the more you lay down, the better, as hot air rises and when it reaches your upper ceiling, you don’t really want it to go any further, and while you will never be able to completely insulate the roof, loft insulation will reduce the heat loss significantly.
  1. Double Glazing – Although the roof is where you lose most heat, the windows come a close second. If you have a single pane of glass between you and the freezing outside, expect to lose a considerable amount of heat. Double glazing reduces the heat loss by as much as 40%, and those kind of savings are just too good to ignore. There are specialist companies, and if you are looking for energy saving solutions in Glasgow, for example, there is an online company that employs many methods to save the home and business owner energy, and they can be found with a simple online search.
  1. Cavity Wall Insulation – The cavity wall is commonly used when building in the UK, as the cavity itself does provide minimal insulation, yet if you fill that cavity with tiny silver or platinum beads, it will give you a noticeable saving on the energy bills. With the loft and windows insulated, that only leaves the walls, and cavity wall insulation will go a long way towards addressing the issue.
  1. Underfloor Insulation – Not only will this keep your home warmer, you have the add comfort of warmth underfoot, providing, of course, your upper floors have the space. Fibreglass or sheep’s wool can be laid between the joists to insulate the second storey floor.
  1. Hot Water Tank Insulation – A special jacket can be fitted to a hot water tank, which should be at least 75mm thick, and this alone can save you up to £30 per year on energy bills. These insulating jackets are inexpensive, and you can also insulate your water pipes.

There are companies that are dedicated to helping property owners save energy, and with a simple online search, you can make contact and let the experts see how much money they can help you to save. We must reduce our energy use, it there is to be a world for future generations, and by enlisting the help of experts, you can make significant reductions in your home energy use.

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