When the word “restoration” is used in the same sentence as the word “furniture”, people automatically assume we are talking antiques, when in fact, any furniture can be restored to its original condition. Often, the damage is superficial, with perhaps a few scratches or knocks, and by dealing with the right company, the repairs can restore the item to its former glory. If, for any reason, you would like to know whether a particular item can be restored, the Internet has made things much easier, and a simple online search would bring up a list of potential companies that restore and repair furniture.

Modern Furniture

A modern furniture item can just as easily be restored as an antique, in fact, in many ways, restoring something modern is a lot easier, as the finish can be matched. The key is to find a company that has the skill and the experience to successfully restore items of all types and ages. If you live in the southern part of England, you are in luck, as there is a respected antique furniture restoration specialist in Hertfordshire who covers London and surrounding counties, and with their wealth of experience and a team of top cabinet makers, there isn’t much they can’t handle.

Free Professional Advice

An established furniture restorer would offer advice about any aspect of their profession, and if you wanted a free assessment, they can send someone to examine the items and quote a price for either repairs or restoration. Alternatively, you could take the furniture to their workshops, where their resident expert would give you his honest opinion, but either way, the repairs can be quickly carried out, and at a fair price.

French Polishing

This is an art that requires both skill and patience, and good French polishing can revitalise an antique, which will also increase its value. You might want the original finish reviving, or perhaps a section of the surface needs to be restored, and with a door to door delivery and collection service, you really couldn’t ask for much more. Matching existing work is all part of the job for an antique restorer, and using exactly the right materials, you would never know the item had been repaired.


Traditionally very popular, the fabric can easily become damaged, or direct sunlight might have taken its toll, and with re-upholstery services, it is possible to either match the original colour and design, or choose something completely different. The restoration company would have hundreds, if not thousands of quality fabrics to choose from, and if that is all that is wrong with the item, then it is an affordable and practical solution to have it re-upholstered.

Whatever the type of furniture, rather than simply replacing it, consider having it restored, and you will benefit from many more years of service. A specialist restoration company would be very happy to advise you, if you are unsure about whether or not it is worth repairing, and if it is, then it is a better solution than finding a replacement.


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