Let’s think back for a moment to those old Hollywood thrillers like Hitchcock used to produce. Didn’t they always seem to feature a stylish climactic scene involving a chase up a circular steel staircase, in somewhere like a lighthouse? Let’s recall how cool those staircases looked – open, elaborate, intriguing etc. Fast forward to all those home improvement shows we see today, and they’re seemingly coming back into fashion, so here’s a quick guide to circular steel staircases.

Circular steel staircases look amazing

Ask any estate agent other than location, what sells houses, and the vast majority will say ‘features’.  Now picture the scene, a loft conversion that features a circular steel staircase. What’s the first thing do you think you will notice?

Exactly – the circular steel staircase draws your gaze every time. It looks distinctive, intricate and most of all, a compelling statement. Was it an original feature, or has it been installed in recent times with a tip of the hat to a retro hipster look?

Circular steel staircases are practical

A major advantage with circular steel staircases is effective use of space. They offer the advantage of a staircase, but with a far reduced footprint (due to the spiral).

Most open plan or traditional staircases rise at an angle, or include a landing, and thus need a larger floor space.

With circular steel staircases, the landing is effectively over the entry point/base of the staircase. Clearly, there’s a massive space saving anywhere a circular steel staircase is featured.

Circular steel staircases can feature multiple looks

One concern about circular steel staircases could be an (incorrect) assumption that they all need to look the same.

Far from it, in fact. Just take a look at the website of any circular steel staircase manufacturer and installer such as Contemporary Steel Staircases. You’ll no doubt see a variety of looks and styles, including a wide range of colour, tread and railings. Treads can be metallic, solid or wood and offer a multitude of ideas for the budding interior designer or stylist.

Circular steel staircases offer longevity

Think back to those old movies, or any old properties where you may notice a circular steel staircase such as a church or warehouse. What condition is it in?

Now look at some modern timber staircases – are they holding up just as well? No damage, no failings, no defects?

Generally, circular steel staircases will last longer, stay in terrific condition and hold up to normal wear and tear far better than other types of staircases.

Circular steel staircases are bespoke

A circular steel staircase can be installed almost anywhere suitable, and is always a true bespoke solution. Unlike timber staircases, which are often ‘off the shelf’, a circular steel staircase will be made to measure by experts. Starting with a survey of the proposed location, an accurate design will be plotted and then sent for production, so you can be reassured your staircase will fit exactly – and with no issues.



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