Professional painters

It is fairly common for homes to be painted neutral colours when it is first built. There is no room for colour when a home is on the market for purchase. When it comes time to make the house your home, colour on the walls can add an instant boost. It can be a lot of fun to work on the décor of a home. You can add a bold colour to a kid’s room, or a light touch of colour to the nursery. Let your creativity shine through.

Choose a Colour

When you first walk into the paint store, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Think about the various areas of your home and how colours may complement each other in adjoining rooms. You can also decide on a fun theme for kids rooms. You can match the colour to a rug, bedding, or artwork. Think about these aspects of your new paint.

  • The finish (matte, gloss, semi-gloss)
  • The size of the room (darker paint closes a small room in)
  • Current decor

Get the Job Done

Great help can be found from painting and decorating services in Sidcup. Professional painters have the best equipment for completing the job quickly. A good company takes care of preparation, cleanup, and paints efficiently. Try to schedule the job for when you may be able to be out of the home for a day or two. The paint smell can bother some people. Many companies bring fans to keep the air circulating.

A paint job can be the perfect pick-me-up for a dull room. You can quickly change the colour without getting rid of any of your current décor. The paint can be made to match the current theme or accessories.

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