You can have an aerial mounted on your chimney or in your loft. However, if you choose to have the aerial mounted outside for your TV, you will typically experience less interference, as well as obtain a stronger signal. An outside aerial can be attached on a mast that rises much higher than the roof.

Sometimes this type of installation is required, especially if the signal will be blocked by trees or buildings. When a clear signal is received, it can be quite advantageous as it often can be split several ways, and, in some instances, without the need for amplification.

A More Practical Solution

If you position an aerial in the loft of your home, it usually will need some type of amplification in order to split a signal more than three ways. Whilst a roof-mounted aerial is not as aesthetic visually, it offers a more practical solution for TV-viewing. This is particularly important when aerial services in Dundee are performed in areas where the signal quality is poor.

Aerial installations are designed to suit certain signal needs. For example, some aerials are mounted on masts of a roof or chimney, or outside in order to pick up a signal that is poor. Other aerial installations are established in lofts or out of sight.

Quality Services

Whatever your aerial installation needs, you can depend on the following:

  • Same-day service
  • The best possible signal
  • A range of aerials to meet signal area requirements
  • The best prices

Keep in touch with the world. Make sure your aerial is giving you good results.

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