The bedroom is the epitome of romance and fun for the couple and the outlook of the bedroom may either discourage or trigger the intimacy between them. A happy couple deserves a bedroom that can give them a more fulfilling romantic time. It is therefore essential to consider the design of the room, the furniture, lightings that can either spark or kill the love and romance between them.

To enjoy a more romantic time as couples, check out the 6 bedroom ideas for couples that you should try.

Let’s start with the bed

Creating an inviting bed by choosing the best mattress online and putting big plumbed up pillows and crisp laundry sheets. Take away all the clutter as it can simply distract the romantic moment.

Add a Fireplace

Most couples would agree that adding a fireplace is romantic. This idea conjures up cozy images with you cuddling with your significant other. With the new advance in technology, you can have an electric fireplace with a realistic look and sound effects. A hologram fireplace is also a good choice.

Choose the right color scheme

The colors on the walls, curtains and bed can instantly change the mood of your bedroom. To set up a romantic room, choose from the colors below:

Pink and White

Love is about deep affection and honesty and the colors pink and white are perfect colors to express these emotions. Pink represents affection and white represents honesty. This color palette reflects your feelings well.


This color is considered as the color of love. If you want to incorporate this color in your bedroom, you can either paint a wall red or add design elements in color. You can also use this color in the bedclothes and drapes.


Green gives a good effect on the room as it is the color of nature and healing. This color will make people revived and relaxed.


Yellow is the color of vigor and incorporating this color in the room make it look sunny. It gives the feeling of comfort, coziness and passion. You can play this color on some fabrics like pillowcases and bedsheet.

Concentrate on the lighting

Along with the colors, lighting can add romance on the bedroom. Softer and mellow lighting set the mood for romance and earthy colors such as beige and brown provides a soothing feeling.

Adequate to bright light produced by LED is good, however, a dim light emitted by the candles creates a more romantic ambiance. Your romantic moment is perfected by the candles hanging on the wall.

Add some aromas

Aromas can also add romance in the bedroom. You can choose scents from jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla by putting scented candles, cinnamon and potpourri to bring in the scents.

An exclusive spa with your partner can add a relaxed ambiance to the bedroom and boost the romantic feeling. If you are planning to add a bathtub in your room, make sure to keep the bed simple and put a rug next to the tub.

Sprinkle some rose petals

Rose petals can surely add romance to your room. Natural petals are good but you can also buy artificial petals or use petal shaped confetti and sprinkle them on the floor towards the bed. If your bed is upstairs, scatter a few petals up the stairs.


As a couple, it is important to maintain the spark, romance and love. Take time to create a romantic ambiance in the room. It will encourage more intimate moments with your partner.

Sleeping together in a romantic bed does not only offers physical, emotional and physical benefits but also helps the bond grow stronger and the love deeper. Heed on the tips above and start creating more romantic moments with your better half.

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