Normally, a boiler that has been well maintained will last about 15 years. Therefore, if you have an older boiler, you need to have it replaced in the near future. Due to innovations in technology, it can be hard to repair an older model with current parts.

How Long Does it Take Your Boiler to Heat Your House?

If you notice that it takes too long for your boiler to heat up, you need to consider replacing it altogether. Modern boilers today produce heat almost immediately. Therefore, waiting for your house to warm or your water to heat up are warning signs.

Other Alerts

Other indications that your boiler need replacing include the following:

  • The boiler’s flame is yellow instead of blue. Do not waste any time if you notice this sign, for a yellow flame may be a sign that carbon monoxide is present. At this point, you should also install a new carbon monoxide detector.
  • Your boiler often requires repair. Whilst it might cost a good deal of money to replace a boiler, you will throw your money away if you continue to fix it. Spending the money on a replacement is an investment – one that will keep your maintenance and energy costs low. Moreover, boiler servicing, replacement and repairs in Maidenhead engineers make it possible for you to keep your new boiler in excellent shape.
  • Your energy costs are excessive. By installing a new boiler, you will not pay as much to keep your home warm and comfortable. You can verify your boiler’s energy efficiency by scheduling a gas analysis test.

Learn more about your installation options by contacting a boiler specialist today.

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