Always one for a simple life, the easy wood projects are the ones I want to find. Like me you have probably spent hours of looking through piles and piles of magazines and books for projects on woodworking. And that was even before the internet opened out the scope still further. Where to start, eh?

I know just what it’s like to start out on a woodworking project and then not complete it. That’s not because I can’t do it, you understand (although my wife thinks that’s the reason!). No, it’s because the instructions and information somehow weren’t quite complete, or thorough enough. Yes I know, a bad workman blames his tools, true.

Anyway, I solved all this not so long ago when I heard about Ted McGrath of Ted’s Woodworking. He is a professional woodworker and AWI member who spent two years putting together a collection of – wait for it – 16,000 woodworking plans. That sounded a bit overwhelming at first, but it is all pretty well organized into different categories, like garden and the chairs, dog houses, sheds, bird feeders and the like.

Some of the beginner level woodwork projects helped my wife build confidence. Yes, I wanted her to see what I’m up against! So now the birds have a nice new house and feeder, while I could get on undisturbed with the slightly more advanced pergola project I set myself.

Even if you have never tried woodworking before I am pretty sure you would find woodworking a breeze using these plans. But that’s up to you to find out! You can have sixty days to give it a go or get your money back, which is pretty fair. You can click here if you want to take a look.

One thing’s for sure, it’s a great money saver to take on easy wood projects yourself. Not least on children’s toys. Come Christmas time I have some rocking horse plans to try out.


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