A typical London household produces almost one tonne of waste in just one year! Multiply that by all the residents in the capital city and it is obvious why eco-friendly waste management and rubbish removal in London can make a huge impact on the city.


There are many ways to incorporate better practices into your household with very little effort, but the results will be greatly beneficial and will be one more step towards creating a more sustainable environment:

Think ahead:as well as adopting recycling techniques and ethical rubbish removal you can start even earlier in the process by making a concerted effort to buy goods that comprise of recycled packaging and minimal wrapping.

Recyling: ensure you use the correct bins to ensure as much as possible of your waste can be recycled. As well as disposing of waste products correctly there are many other ways of recycling, including buying more durable products such as material cloths instead of paper towels and reusable mops.

Get creative:It is possible to extend the recycling theme into many areas of life with a bit of creativity. For instance, if you are good with a sewing machine you can improvise and update clothes or use old clothes and other items such as curtains to make things such as cushions, quilts or bags.

Composting: by utilising the remains of biodegradable plants and kitchen waste and converting into compost, you can provide a rich nutrient for your plants and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills – and if you grow your own vegetables even better!

Chemicals: try to cut down on excess use of chemicals such as those found in sprays, waxes and polishes as they are very detrimental to the environment and water supplies as well as the air in your house. There are now many alternatives to the chemical-laded varieties on the market.

Pass it on:from an early age teach children to help with recycling and explain the reasons for doing this. You can use charts and reward systems to make this fun for younger children, and in doing this the next generation will continue this environmentally friendly pattern of behaviour.


However much you recycle inevitably there will be times when you need to bring in a professional company to remove rubbish, such as when you are moving house, undertaking major renovations, or maybe just having an intensive clear out.

That’s where a company such as Junk London can step in and support with all your rubbish removal needs, as they cover the whole of the capital and even offer a same day service. As the company divert 100% of the waste they collect away from landfill sites you can be assured that your rubbish will be ethically removed.

Junk London also offer evening and weekend slots in conjunction with premium arrival slots, and their website makes online booking very simple, although for more information you can call to discuss your rubbish removal London, and ask any questions.


It’s important but also fun to set some goals when looking at how you can purchase ethically, recycle effectively and ensure good strategies for rubbish removal in London. This is something the whole family can join in with and depending how organised you are, you can set up monthly plans and charts. Younger children can have recycling craft day using old newspapers, cartons and plastic bottles, and older children can be asked to do some fact-finding about how to recycle unusual items.

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