Most of you out there have heard of window tinting, maybe its positive benefits, and will relate it to car window tinting. However, more good people are realising that the very same advantages of car window tinting can be simply adapted to their homes.

Home window tinting helps to increase the protection of not only the health and comfort of all living there, but also in protecting the interior of the home; cash savings by using less power, and offering more privacy! (Plus making any home look more elegant!) And what else?

  1. Heat Reduction

Tinting for the home or office is now becoming one of the most favourite and efficient ways of cutting back on unwanted sunlight entering into homes and cars via the windows. Easily fitted window tinting in Rockingham contributes up to a startling 80% reduction in heat when compared to standard glass, and will cool down sun-saturated spaces in your home, office or vehicle.

  1. Goodbye Fading and Hello to Better Health

Tinting at home or the office will prevent an amazing 99% of unwanted UV rays, and also provide a reduction in heat. Those lovely furnishings will appreciate your concern for their well-being from any sunlight and fading. Tinting also provides a superb screen for your skin against the harmful effects of too much sunlight.

  1. Security Boost

Should any kind of accident, environmental disaster or vandalism occur, it can immediately shatter a pane of standard glass into life threatening shards. But, window tinting simply contains the shards and provides a safety net, keeping pieces in place.

  1. A Farewell to Glare

Direct sunlight, reflections from water, snow, or even neighbouring buildings, can be annoying, but there is the perfect window film solution to cut out any of their troublesome glare. Glare simply becomes just yesterday’s news!

  1. Electricity Bills will be Cheaper

These days, a lot of designers, building engineers and architects, are well aware of the reduction of temperatures created by sunlight and is the reason why they have recently been leaning more and more towards window film. A reductions in the loss of heat, will enhance HVAC efficiency, and go on to lower electricity bills.

  1. Cool Privacy!

Say goodbye to nosey neighbours or passers-by who can at present see right into your home or vehicle, because window tinting offers a simple and effective solution that allows you to look out, but nobody to look in. You will be enjoying 365 (6) days a year privacy, which is always a great thing!

  1. Uncomplicated Installation

A professional fitting is simple and fast and nothing to write home about. There’s a strict minimum of disturbance to your routine lifestyle or schedule, and in a very short while you’ll soon be enjoying all the wonderful benefits of your brand new home window tint. And you’ll also wonder why it took so long to get them done!

Expect interested neighbours to knock on your door and make enquiries!

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