Running an efficient and environmentally friendly household is a great thing, also one that is becoming increasingly necessary with the steady and not so slow diminishment of natural resources and the increasing environmental damage of burning fossil fuels.

An environmentally friendly everyday lifestyle will also bring you some serious savings from things like utility and vehicle fuel bills, which are also becoming increasingly expensive due to the lack of natural resources and their senseless wastage.

First of all keep your home clean and neat as a clean home is an efficient home. This applies to all rooms and appliances in the kitchen as they happen to consume a lot of power as is, but when not clean, they don’t work properly and consume even more electricity in order to do the same amount of work.

If you don’t like to deal with house cleaning, even if for the benefit of the planet, you can use professional home cleaning companies in Melbourne, which are known to use efficient and eco-friendly cleaning systems and materials. They also use a minimum water waste policy and residents have enjoyed efficient and punctual service with minimum waste and no excess costs.

One sure way to reduce your carbon footprint is to monitor your home’s energy use and if necessary improve on usage and cut down on unnecessary consumption. This might mean switching off most of your appliances when not in use as they drain power even when standing by, this is known as phantom power but it costs real money at the end of the month. Saving-money

If possible, you can find yourself a roommate, contrary to common belief, research has indicated that a single person household actually uses twenty percent more power than two person households and fifty percent more power than three person households. It would also be a good idea to create compost using compost bins, this will help you look after the garden without using fertilizers the manufacturing of which happens to be a an energy intensive and polluting industry.

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