Before looking at the extensive inventory of skirting, framing, and trim options, it might be best to gain a better understanding of just what it is that makes this such a good choice for your next project. If a builder referred to an architrave a few decades ago, he or she might have been talking about a beam or lintel that rested on the capitals (tops) of columns. This was an element of classical architecture.

However, current use of the word “architrave” applies it to framing or moulding around doors or windows, especially a particular style of moulding at the top of the window or door. In this specific situation, the horizontal part of the trim extends so that it covers the top of the vertical/side trim. In almost every use, the two pieces make contact at a butt join rather than a miter joint. There may actually be no joint at all since the corner section of vertical and horizontal trim is one piece.

Variety of Finishes

You can avoid any and all confusion about the modern use of the term by visiting the website of a well-known, reliable supplier of quality architrave profiles. You’ll find a complete array of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) products available in a range of finishes. These products are also available unfinished, with primer coat or without. Each design and style of MDF architrave is manufactured by the supplier so you always receive the finest-quality MDF that is precision-cut, durable, and guaranteed to hold shape and size after installation.

You can learn more about these and other products when you visit the website of a leading provider. But you might also want to talk with a representative about the designs and profiles available, one of which will certainly fit your home requirements. Devote a few minutes to browsing the site to get a complete understanding of the products offered. The list includes MDF skirting board, architrave lengths, Dado rail, door frame, picture rail, window board, plinth blocks, rosette blocks, adhesive, and fixings.

MDF Quality

When you choose MDF trim, architrave, and skirting, you’re selecting a high-quality engineered wood product containing fibres of hardwood or softwood as well as wax and a resin binder. The resulting products are dense and durable, producing an attractive surface that you’ll be proud to use in your home. This material is often used in applications where particle board or plywood might have been the only option.

MDF provides a uniform surface that’s excellent for veneers, as one example. Strength and size are extremely consistent, allowing this material to be shaped for a wide range of attractive designs. You’ll never have to worry about expansion or contraction, which can be an issue with natural wood. One of the key benefits of MDF architrave, trim, and skirting is its ability to take paint or finish well. When you talk with a supplier, be sure to specify finished, unfinished, or prime-coated pieces. You can depend on getting excellent value for your money when you invest in high-quality MDF products.

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