When a house needs to be cleared, then it is not a good idea to just dump rubbish on the kerb for the bin men to pick up later.

Instead, you can be proactive and hire a skip. There are lots of reasons why this is going to be a very good idea.

The Skip Can Hold Rubble

Extensive building work may be carried out on a property, which could create a large amount of rubble if existing walls have been knocked down to change the dimensions of the house.

The Skip Can Hold Old Furniture

When a house is being cleared, often the first thing to go is the old furniture. The owner may not want to donate the furniture to a charity shop.

  • Instead, you can hire a skip so that the old furniture can be dealt with properly.

The Skip Can Hold Bags Of Rubbish

Bags of rubbish can collect inside a house which makes it difficult for people to move around properly. The rubbish cannot just be left out on the kerb because it may be ignored by the people who come to empty the bins.

  • Instead, all of the bags of rubbish will be removed from the house and placed into a skip. This can repeat until all of the rubbish has been cleared from the house.

The Skip Can Hold Wallpaper That Has Been Stripped

During the renovation process, the wallpaper of a house may need to be stripped completely.

  • This wallpaper can then be torn into smaller strips and thrown away into a skip. This is preferable to putting all of the wallpaper into a small bin.

The Skip Can Hold Old Electrical Goods

There are lots of different electrical goods which can be gotten rid of.

  • Electronic video game equipment and old laptops can be placed inside the skip. The electrical goods will be taken away once the skip has been filled.

The Skip Can Hold Old Toys That Are No Longer Played With

During a house renovation, getting rid of the toys is going to free up space and will also allow the attic to be turned into something different than it was before.

  • The skip can hold lots of different toys which are no longer played with.


A wide range of domestic goods can be placed into a skip whilst a house is being renovated. This skip is going to ensure that the house is cleared of clutter as soon as possible and that the renovation process can begin in earnest.

The skip needs to be large enough to accommodate everything that is going to be thrown away. The skip will also need to withstand the effects of the weather after it has been placed outside a private residence.

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