Choosing the right and safe house design is one of the most important thing you need to consider before you take-on any construction plan. You need to incorporate the right expertise required for house plan and synchronize with the surrounding.

For any house design optimal safety, you need to synchronize with your surrounding environment. For instance, house plans for construction is plain areas can’t be reciprocated in hilly areas and vice versa.

You need to ensure you have the right experts and house design at your disposal for a mesmerizing and safe to live house – for houses are meant to be your safe castles.

Here we bring you 5 important considerations for house designs on hilly areas. These simple and effective considerations can help you construct the most beautiful and synthesize house in hilly terrains.

  • Floor Design

As we said it earlier, your prime house design should be aimed at synchronizing your home with the environment. You should make your house a part of the surrounding rather than decimating the nature or going against agents of nature. This will also help you set the optimum benefit of the nature – which in hilly terrain is the serene and sightseeing.

In this aspect, incorporate the living space (common room) at the highest point in your house plan. This will benefit you take maximum advantage of the sights in your surroundings.

A patio roof is also a good design to incorporate. This will help you take full advantage of the nature spread across the hill.

  • House Access

Houses built on hilly terrain aren’t the easiest to access from ground level. Thereby, ensure that you incorporate a proper access way into your house plan for easier day to day activity flow. This will also help you ease of house modification for any future plans.

  • Logistic Required

In order to carry-our house construction on any hilly terrain you will need:

  • Soil strength report – by a recognized geotechnical firm
  • Depth of bed rock beneath your land
  • Depth of water-table beneath your land
  • Drainage
  • Utilities (electrical, gas, etc.)

Make sure you incorporate these considerations into your original house design plan.

  • Exterior Plan

Being on a hilly terrain, your home will be exposed to severe weathering and eroding agents. Thereby, you should consider incorporating cladding material against these forces of nature.

Further, you also need to incorporate other protection for your home design including protected porches, balconies to evade forces of nature.

5) Cost of construction

Construction cost on hilly terrains are much higher as compared to flat terrains. This is primarily due to lots of investments to be made on foundation, which is much complicated in this condition. Don’t compromise on piling strength as this will be your primary guard against any future nature façade like earthquake.

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