The boiler is an essential appliance used in houses all over the United Kingdom. As the temperatures plunge during the winter months, people use their boilers to heat up the water and use it at home. Most common boilers are now powered either by electricity or by gas. Regardless of the type of boiler you own, you have to keep an eye on its operational efficiency. Here are some basic tips for maintaining your boiler.

  • Get the boiler serviced once in a year.
  • Check the boiler for any unusual noises or sounds.
  • If you have a gas boiler, make sure that you clean the burner underneath regularly.


There are a number of companies that offer boiler servicing in Ealing. Getting your boiler serviced at least once in a year, usually before the winter months start, is highly recommended. All the components and pipes within the boiler will be cleaned thoroughly, and the technician will also check the boiler to ensure that the boiler is functioning at maximum operational efficiency. Servicing doesn’t cost a lot of money, and can prevent major issues from arising in the boiler.


While there are many reputable companies that offer boiler servicing services, it’s very important that you supervise the work. Most technicians have a checklist of the components and parts that need to be lubricated during servicing. While most companies have a fixed servicing fee, you can negotiate a bit to reduce the servicing fee. Make sure you agree on all the terms before work commences.

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