Some do it yourself enthusiasts sometimes consider whether they have what it takes to install a driveway for their home, the truth is, driveway installation is a major undertaking which requires the knowledge of a skilled contractor. Hiring a professional driveway installation company will ensure you employ a business with all the requisite skills to install and finish the job.

Is it possible to install my own driveway?

The simple answer to this question is no, driveway installation is better left to the professionals. It is definitely not a DIY job because it is such a challenging project that requires heavy machinery and skilled construction experience. Such a large-scale project can be fraught with many dangers and you could experience a wider range of setbacks which you will be ill prepared for.

While gravel driveways can be difficult, other types of surfaces such as concrete are extremely hard to properly lay. You will need access to heavy machinery plus the knowledge of knowing how to operate it before you lay your foundations, it is far from a straightforward procedure and not a simple process you can learn overnight. I would recommend hiring a specialized driveway installation team and leave all the hassle to the professionals.

Where do I find a professional driveway installation company?

When you choose to employ a professional company to carry out construction on your home, you should first check their references. Once they hand over contact details, you should make a list of questions which you will be asking their previous customers.

Include questions such as:

Were you satisfied with the finished product?

Were there any issues during construction?

Would you use the same company again?

Did they stick to the initial contract?

What was the total cost of the job?

Calling previous customers is just the beginning, while speaking to them you should request a personal visit. It is important to visit a few of the sites so you can get a first-hand look at the construction company’s projects. It is better to try and visit older sites so you can see how well they look after a long period of time has elapsed.

Compare & Contrast

Base your decision on comparisons, if you are looking at driveways in Melbourne, be sure to make a list of the most highly rated installation companies in that area. Carry out multiple trips and remember to document each project, this can be done simply by making a short video or taking pictures of the site on your smartphone.

Lastly, once you decided on a particular company, call their offices and arrange a visit. Never underestimate the personal feel, and consider your instinct and first impressions. If the contractor is inattentive or uninterested you do not want that kind of builders laying your driveway.

Before you sign any contract ensure it includes areas such as insurance, warranties, exact cost, contractor responsibilities, and payment schedule.

In summary, it is not advisable to carry out a DIY job on your driveway, it is a challenging procedure which requires the attention of professional contractors who can be employed after you thoroughly research their background history.

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