When you hear the dripping of a small leak, you may, at first, think the sound is annoying. That leak, however, can signal that disaster is on the horizon if you do not schedule a plumbing inspection. By scheduling an inspection, you can ensure that any small leak does not lead to a flood. If a pipe bursts and flooding results, you can face more than a plumbing repair – you may also have to pay out money to have your ceilings and walls repaired or have a mould remediation service come out and get rid of fungi. Therefore, any small leak is not as innocuous as it may seem.

What Types of Services Does the Plumber Provide?

If you want to take control of your plumbing, you need to contact a plumbing service right away. Make sure the contractor offers a full line of services, including taking care of leaks, drips, and burst pipes and repairing toilets and taps. The servicer should also be experienced in pipe re-routing, shower repairs and installations.

Who to Contact

You want the plumbing contractor to also offer services such as central heating repairs and repairs of radiators and pumps. Macerator repairs should also be listed amongst the amenities. When you  use a company such as Prestige Plumbers, you can feel better about tackling any type of plumbing issue.

Schedule an Inspection with Your Local Plumbe

Many people do not realise, in fact, that water damage is one of the more common types of dilemmas that are faced by homeowners. That is why it is essential that you get acquainted with your local plumber and have routine checks of your plumbing made.

Do You See Puddles?

Besides being on the lookout for leaks, you need to repair any plumbing issues early. Never let a small plumbing problem settle at the bottom of your to-do list as it can turn into a major calamity. In most cases, the seriousness of an issue can be somewhat deceptive. For example, you may see puddles pooling on a floor and not realise that leaks are causing corrosion and mould to grow.

Is Your Water Heating Properly?

Besides leaks, you also have to consider how clogs can disrupt your plumbing. By learning basic drain maintenance, you can overcome any problems with obstructions in your drains. In addition to slow or clogged drains, you need to make sure your water heating system is running well. After all, you do not want to wake up on a glacially cold morning only to be met with an equally cold shower. Water heating systems last about 12 years. If your water tank is older than that, you need to contact a plumber.

Is the Toilet Running?

Another plumbing problem that needs review is a running toilet. Because a running toilet can waste a good deal of water, you want to have it repaired right away. Low water pressure can also be a cause for concern as it can indicate you have a hidden leak somewhere.


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