Sometimes homeowners cannot build an extension to their home because they do not have the available space. However, that does not mean that you cannot convert a space that is not being used. In this case, you may want to think about performing a loft conversion or renovating your cellar.

Transforming Your Cellar

If you work with a contractor that offers trusted building services in Harrogate, you can transform your cellar into a liveable area. A builder can usually work with just about any budget and only needs to receive a minimal payment upfront to get started. Therefore, to make this happen, you will usually focus on the following activities:

  • Waterproofing the cellar
  • Considering any ventilation issues that need to be addressed
  • Reviewing the need for insulation and how it can be used to keep the cellar space comfortable

How Will the Space Be Used?

You will also need to consider how the cellar will be used. Do you want to turn the area into a workshop, sewing room, bedroom, play area, or den? Maybe you want to make it a guest room or turn it into a separate living area for an elderly loved one or a teen.

You can also convert your loft for the same reasons. When making such a conversion, the builder will first need to assess the space. Different criteria will need to be used for planning. These criteria may include the following:

  • The size of the loft
  • The type of architecture
  • The ventilation in the area
  • The wiring or piping behind the walls

Make the most of your living space. Call a builder today for a quote.


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