Some people might argue that keeping windows clean is not all that important. When this subject comes up in a conversation (it might!), you should be ready with this answer. There are reasons for keeping the windows of your home or business clean, aside from making a good impression on people passing by.

Long-Term Negative

This idea may be a bit hard to believe but glass can be affected over the long term by the constant attack from dirt and debris. For example, your window glass can be seriously degraded by:

  • Acid rain
  • Minerals from sprinkler systems and run-off from the building
  • Paint and other building materials
  • Oxidisation on windows with metal frames and metal screens

Of course, you’ll always need to consider the way that visitors and those passing by perceive your business when the windows are not clean and transparent as they should be. You might think about the way that dirty windows lead people to believe you take a careless attitude when it comes to operating your company. You may know for certain that this isn’t the truth but the public and potential customers can be led to believe something based on the smallest bit of evidence.

Heat Efficiency

Windows not kept clean can affect the heat efficiency of your home or business, which is one of the best reasons to call expert Suffolk window cleaners. In cooler weather, sunlight streaming in can help keep the interior of the building comfortable. You should also consider how much better you’ll feel about your business, your home, and yourself when the windows are bright and sparkling.

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