The average British citizen will move 3 – 4 times in their life, which doesn’t include the early twenties, when perhaps moving happened on a regular basis and the boot of the car was all you needed, and for some, relocating is not an enjoyable experience. Stress levels can red line, as total strangers manhandle your treasured possessions, and the many other aspects can add up to a real nightmare, especially for those who are ill prepared. If you are soon to be relocating, here is a checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked, and hopefully, the move will be stress free.

  • Plan your Dates – This must be completed before approaching potential removal firms, and as soon as you have these, it is time to approach a removal company. The removals industry is always very busy, and some of more established firms would require at least one month’s notice, so it pays to book early to ensure your dates are covered. If you are based in the UK, contact GAP Removals, a Swansea based company that ticks all the boxes, and they can even handle inter-continental relocation.

  • Sourcing a Removal Firm – The Internet is always a great source of information, and with a simple Google search, you will have a list of potential contractors. Most will have an online enquiry form, and by entering your dates and the location, you will quickly find out whether they are available on your preferred date. It is most definitely not a case of “any company will do”, but if you manage to find a good one, they will handle just about everything, including the packing, and with available storage space, you are covered in the event of a delay.

  • Utility Disconnection – One must terminate the accounts at the old residence, which would typically include gas, water and electricity, and possibly newspapers or other subscriptions. Once all signed off, you are free of liability and the next occupant will take it from there. The other thing one must remember is to contact the many essential services you have used in the past, which might include a gardener, roofing contractor and perhaps maintenance outfits, and either inform them you are moving out of the area, or give them your new address.

  • Confirm your Dates – The removal company will expect confirmation about one week prior, which enables them to allocate projects to their removal teams, and if you need a few days of storage, they should be able to offer this, for a nominal surcharge.

  • The New Property – Preparation is, of course, essential and ideally you need a crew in the building as soon as you take possession of the keys. Of course, the place will be clean already, as lone would expect, yet this is a great opportunity for a deep spring clean before you move in. The utilities will need to be connected, and you should contact the relevant services at least one week prior to the move. It doesn’t hurt to call them the day before, just to confirm you do have water and power.

If you manage to complete all of the above, the relocation should be a smooth one, and you can look forward to a new chapter in your life.


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