The types of flooring suitable for a high traffic commercial environment are numerous but there are several that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The most desirable qualities of any commercial floor covering are durability, appearance and the resistance to staining.

With that said, polished concrete and resin coated floors are two of the best floor solutions you could have installed within your work environment. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of each type of flooring and give you the pros and cons of both.

Polished Concrete

The process of polishing concrete takes an already great material and makes it even better. Rather than a dull finish which is prone to superficial surface cracking, polished concrete provides a smooth and attractive mirror like finish that looks right at home in the most prestigious of buildings. This can be demonstrated by the prevalence of Perth polished concrete, which has made its way into an increasing number of buildings over the past two decades. If you’re interested in seeing the results first hand, simply locate a building that has recently had polished concrete fitted by one of the local suppliers.

Existing concrete surfaces can be polished or instead, buyers can opt for a bespoke floor featuring the colour and aggregate pattern of their choice.


The term resin floor refers to any floor that has been coated in a resin based substance. Each coat of resin is applied to a floor surface just like you would paint, providing a smooth and hard wearing protective layer for the surface underneath.

Epoxy and MMA based resins are typically applied to a concrete floor although other base materials are perfectly acceptable. 

The Advantages of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete provides several benefits which include;

  • A low maintenance surface that doesn’t harbour bacteria or allow mould to readily grow. Perfect for environments with a high level of hygiene requirement.
  • The ability to easily clean polished concrete surfaces with nothing more required than soapy water.
  • A high strength, high durability surface that is resistant to cracking, chipping, scratching and staining.

The Advantages of Resin

Resin floors provide several benefits including:

  • An infinite choice of colour options, perfect for any environment.
  • A low odour floor covering which doesn’t give off a chemical based smell like other similar floor coverings.
  • Vapour permeable and breathable membranes which resist the presence of dust.
  • MMA based resins can be laid in a matter of hours, providing a quick turnaround time for busy commercial environments.


Both materials are a great choice and you can’t go wrong with either. What we would say is that polished concrete is heavily reliant on the condition of the existing concrete floor surface so bear this in mind if you’re not having a new floor fitted. On the other hand, the different types of resin available can be applied to almost any base material and can be worked to overcome any imperfections present.

The choice for some people is going to come down to whether their choice of colour or pattern is available within a given floor type, but for those that want a timeless classic, polished concrete is the only choice.

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