One of the innovative pavements being applied by paving specialists is resin surfacing. This surface system is relatively new in the paving marketplace. The idea behind resin surfacing works as follows:

  • A decorative gravel is applied or “glued” to the current surface.
  • After the application, the hard-wearing surface resists weeds and needs very little maintenance.
  • The surface can be applied in one of a wide range of patterns and colours.

Resin Surfacing – The Benefits

When you enquire about paving services in Edenbridge, you will want to learn more about resin surfacing, whether the pavement is applied to your driveway or your patio. This type of paving system offers the following benefits:

  • The pavement conveys a natural and decorative look, one that can be tailored to the architecture of your home and your own individual tastes.
  • The tough texture provided by the surface is safer, as there is less likelihood for slipping. Therefore, you can use the pavement for pedestrian walkways or inclines.
  • The pavement can stand up well to heavy traffic use, including weathering.
  • You only need to sweep the pavement every now and then or pressure wash the surface occasionally.
  • The surface remains intact throughout the year.
  • The life expectancy for the pavement is longer than most paving systems.

Boost Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

Whatever your reason for using resin surfacing, you will find that it boosts the curb appeal of your property and saves you money at the same time.

When scheduling paving, you will need to base the project on the size of the area, the selected design, and the paving location.

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