There are several different ways to add space to your home. One of the most popular ways is to convert your attic into living space. This isn’t always a viable option for everyone; before you go too far down that road, you should consult with experts about the feasibility of converting your attic. One of the big concerns is the insulation of your attic and the shape of the roof. Attics tend to be insulated in one of two ways: Some attics are insulated underneath the roof (warm roofs), while others are insulated on the ceiling of the attic (cold roofs). The easiest conversions take place in attics that have insulated ceilings because it avoids creating a very cold space near the top of the attic.

Climate Control

A home extensions company in Frome will be able to help you determine if your attic is right for conversion.

  • Climate control is a serious concern.
  • One of the best ways to enhance climate control in your home is to add a window, but the window will need to be added somewhere that does not bear the weight of the roof.
  • Also, the shape of the roof and the placement of the insulation is important; make sure you have these parts inspected by professionals.


Depending on whether you’re just adding a room or adding an entire apartment, you might need to run different amounts of utilities. You’ll at least need to run electricity to the attic if it does not have it already.

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