There are two basic ways to treat a tree that has grown too large. You can either lop it or you can prune it. Lopping a tree is when a professional cuts the top off the tree with very little concern about the health of the tree. This is a sign that the tree is too far gone and has to be handled very quickly. It could result in the tree surviving and growing stronger; it could also result in the tree dying. Whatever the case may be, lopping is not about the health of a tree. If you need less severe treatment, you can just prune the tree.

Pruning a Tree

Newton Abbot tree surgeons will prune a tree by cutting leaves and branches until it is a desirable shape.

  • Pruning makes a tree look much better by reducing the size and shape of the branches to a uniform shape.
  • Pruning also increases the health of a tree because many kinds of trees only produce new fruit and new leaves at new growth branches.
  • Getting rid of old branches helps the tree focus on producing new fruits and new blossoms.

Why Lop?

Lopping is a rather severe final step that you should not ask for lightly. You should work with tree surgeons in your area to determine the best course of action. Hopefully, they will be able to prune the tree to make it last longer and grow healthier. If they are not able to do that, then you will need to lop the tree. You should always have a professional lop the tree for you.


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