Are you considering a purchase of a beautiful historical home but are worried about the possibility of an antiquated boiler system? We are here to help! Here are some common questions and answers about how boilers work, boiler replacement and installation, and other boiler myths.

  1. Do Boilers “Boil” Water? This is actually a common misconception. The myth derives from old-time steam boilers, in which water was boiled to provide steam. Boilers today do not boil water; rather, they utilise natural gas.
  2. How Is Heat Provided? A boiler provides what is known as radiant heat, meaning that it warms objects located in the same room. Boilers are often preferred because homeowners can set their thermostats to lower temperatures and the room actually feels warmer than the temperature of the air.
  3. What Are Some Common Reasons That Boilers Need Maintenance or Stop Working? Electrical components and pumps are the main reasons why you might need maintenance on your boiler. Other things such as low water pressure and unnecessary air can also occur. In rare types of cases, boilers can freeze in extremely low-temperature conditions. In these cases, you will want to contact local technicians who provide boiler installation in West London for maintenance. It is also a good idea to get your boiler checked out on an annual basis.
  4. Do Boilers Waste Energy? This is actually a myth. Boilers are constructed as sealed systems, meaning that they do not waste water or energy. Boiler systems today are considered to be just as efficient as a gas-powered forced air furnace, if not more.
  5. How Do You Know If Your Boiler Is Operating Efficiently? If you notice any change in your boiler’s heating capabilities, such as if it is slow to heat or does not heat to the required temperature, it is time to have your boiler looked at by a professional. To ensure that your boiler stays in good working order, you should schedule your boiler for an annual checkup. A professional will be able to help point out any potential areas of concern and assist in preventing problems before they are too severe.
  6. What Is Involved in Replacing a Boiler?                Boilers can be both complicated and simple systems to install. To replace your boiler efficiently, you will need a thorough understanding of how your home’s water distribution system is set up. An experienced boiler technician should be able to provide you with a complete analysis of your home’s system. This will give you the information that you need to make a great choice about the boiler that will work best for you and your home situation. Consultants can also help you find the right balance of features and economy to fit your needs.

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