One of the biggest nuisances related with a skip is the problem of skip fires. Skip fires can certainly be troublesome and can lead to some far-reaching destruction of property, so let’s take a look at some ways of helping you to prevent such a thing happening.

Don’t Start a Skip Fire in the First Place

The incineration of waste inside a metal skip can certainly be inviting to some warped minds. This is usually due to some skip hire companies charging their clients based on the volume of generated waste, so burning it to fit more into it and save on costs does seem like a good idea, but it can have the following outcomes.

  • If the skip is placed anywhere near a tarmac road or driveway, the heat from the flames can melt the surface and you will then end up being charged for any repair work.
  • Skip fires can impair and destroy the interior of the skip, and due to it being hired, you will then have to pay for any damages or possibly have to buy a new one.
  • There’s the possibility of some materials releasing toxic gases when burnt, and this is definitely unhealthy, and detrimental to the nearby environment.
  • Try hiring a skip which will be ideally sized for the work you wish to do. Ask at Doncaster skip hire service for expert advice on which size you will need. If you use a professional, expert and affordable service, you will get your job done just perfectly.

Refrain from putting anything Flammable in the Skip

Under no circumstances should you put any highly flammable materials into a skip, as this will boost the possibilities of a fire. Things like aerosols, canisters, gas cylinders, and paint tins with flammable liquid inside and car batteries should definitely be individually discarded. And please resist from flicking any lit finished cigarette into a skip, as they can start a fire.

Select the Perfect Skip Site

Let’s say that you put a skip down the road outside of your home or business, it will be virtually impossible to monitor what waste passers-by might chuck into it. Plus, accidentally or sometimes intentionally, somebody might start a fire by tossing in ignited materials. To prevent the possibility of any such undertakings, place the skip somewhere on your property where by-passers cannot access it. This will put a stop to any fires from happening, and prevent your skip being filled with other peoples waste.

If it’s Full Get it collected

You can stop any possibility of skip fires by making sure that the skip gets collected when full. If there is a fire, use an extinguisher or a water hose pipe to hose it down.

Good Old Common Sense

And that’s about it all really, if you use that sense you will have no problems and everything should go just fine! Make sure to contact and consult with skip hire experts to get your job done just perfect!

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