Whether you need to replace your old and worn out shutters or plan to have them installed on your property for the first time, plantation shutters are a great option for any type of home looking to add both beauty and functionality. These highly affordable additions may cost more than other options at first glance, but this is only because you receive true quality in return for your investment which will last for decades with minimal maintenance or worries. In fact, you need to only occasionally clean the shutters to enjoy their full use for many years, and this will quickly and completely help you return your initial investment with interest.

Simply Looking Great

White shutters in Perth of the plantation variety are absolutely gorgeous to behold and add a certain level of sophistication to any room. You may choose to have them painted a specific colour or even have them finished in a certain way. No matter if you want to utilise a chic, modern decor style or to go back in time to a more classical type of decorating, this is your chance to truly complete the finished look of your project. Not many home improvements are truly functional after an installation in the same way plantation shutters are while also offering a quantifiable improvement to the aesthetics of a room.

No Cords or Strings

This may not seem to be a significant improvement over corded blinds at first glance, but the truth of the matter is that shutters significantly improve the safety of your home for any children or pets. Cords and strings are often connected at the end, forming a loop which may potentially harm a child just beginning to learn how to climb and explore his or her environment, making it imperative that you remove them whenever possible. Plantation shutters have no such thing and are easily opened and closed by pushing upwards or pulling downwards on the shutters themselves.

Complete Control

Shutters allow you to let in as much light as if you had opened the entire window in one simple motion, and will also completely block out the sun if you should choose to close them. This complete blockage is far more advanced compared to other window options, and will offer you more control over just how much of the sun’s light you allow into your home at any one time of the day. This additional control will also make it far more enjoyable for you to keep your energy bills low during the day by allowing in more sunlight without sacrificing your privacy along the way, a feat which other blinds cannot hope to manage due to their lower quality compared to price.


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