There once was a time when having a swimming pool in the garden was exclusively the domain of the wealthy, yet with ongoing development, the above ground swimming pool offers the British homeowner a cost effective swimming pool at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one. The pool can be erected within one hour and once it is full of water, the pool is ready for use, and with a range of different sizes, you can choose a unit that is suited to your property.

Easy to Assemble

The latest generation of above ground swimming pools are designed with convenience in mind, and once the summer comes to an end, dismantling the pool is a simple task and the pool can be stored in the garage or shed until next summer. The framework is of aluminium construction and the pieces fit snugly together and the durable fabric ensures that the pool is water tight, making for an ideal garden pool set up.

Take it With You When You Relocate

This is perhaps the most attractive aspect of an above ground swimming pool, and if you should decide to sell and relocate, the pool can easily be dismantled and erected at the new property. This makes for an attractive investment that can be taken with you whenever you decide to relocate, and for many UK homeowners, this is an ideal set up.

Pool Accessories

There are many items you will need to complete the pool set up, which include a summer cover, which keeps the water clean and free of leaves and small branches. It doesn’t take long for the water to become tainted if you do not cover the pool when it is not in use. Above ground pools also use filtration, and the filters need to be kept clean, and with online companies that offer great value swimming pool supplies, you can easily source whatever you need.

Winter Storage

You would be forgiven for thinking that it is a major job to pack the pool away and store it until next summer, in fact, it takes less than an hour to completely dismantle the pool, and by safely storing it in the shed or garage, it is ready and waiting should you decide the time is right to set it up again. Once the pool is packed away, there’s nothing more to do until the good weather returns, and in less than an hour, the pool can be ready to fill.

Online Solutions

Sourcing an online pool accessory supplier is the ideal way to not only purchase an above ground pool, but also to source the many accessories you might need. Buying from an online supplier ensures you pay lower than retail prices, and with a secure online payment, the goods will be despatched to your address in no time at all.

An above ground swimming pool offers the UK homeowner a host of benefits, and with easy assembly, the pool can be ready for use at any time, should you wish to have a long soak in the hot summer weather.

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