Podiums are a type of scaffolding that will be used for jobs that do not require you to be far off the ground.

These podiums often have space for one person at a time. They can be accessed by a stepladder and they have a solid metal frame. This means that you are going to remain safe whilst you are working and there is no danger that you are going to fall off.

The podiums also have wheels. The wheels on the podium steps from the experts at Toptower have a locking mechanism so that the podium is going to stay in place. Once you have finished on a particular part of the house, the podium can be wheeled along to a different section of the house.

Which podiums can be hired for any period of time?

Delta Deck

The Delta Deck podium has a large platform for you to stand on. A couple of people are going to be able to work at the same time, which is going to allow you to get the job done in a very short space of the time. You should inspect several delta decks before you make the final decision.

Profort Platform

The Profort Platform is designed to allow people to work safely at a low height. These platforms are designed for one person and they have a protective cage at the top. Your safety is going to be protected.

MK Podium

The MK Podium is easy-accessible with ladder steps. This is going to remain steady even when the wind is blowing around you. This is going to be one of the securest platforms that can be used house alterations.

The Main Points To Consider

There are some points that you need to consider:

  • The height of the tower.
  • The capacity of the tower to hold more than one person at a time.
  • How easy it is to move the tower.
  • How easy it is to move up and down the tower steps.
  • Whether there is enough room for the tools and equipment that you are going to use.

What You Are Going To Use The Tower For

There are many different uses for the tower. Each tower can allow you to complete a wide variety of tasks that you would not be able to complete without the tower at all. For example, you can fix the tiles on the roof and you can reattach the guttering.  You can also use these kinds of platforms for removing graffiti that is on the side of the building.

Article Conclusion

The capability of the tower is going to influence your decision. You might need a tower that is suitable for two people or just one. The tower needs to be secure when it is in place, but it needs to be mobile enough to be moved on the wheels that are attached to the bottom of the platform.

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