1. Add More Money To Your Bank Account

By slashing your winter heating costs, you will be able to have more money in your bank account. This can accumulate into significant savings Over time. in the last few decades The cost of traditional heating systems has increased dramatically. The increased price of oil causes fuel burning systems that use fossil fuels like: Kerosene, Propane, Diesel and Oil to be very expensive. Compared to systems like these, the EdenPURE Heater is amazingly cost effective. In some places the cost of natural gas is high and the EdenPURE heater compares favorably to it. Even in places where natural gas is cheap; it tends to be used in central systems and by contrast; a zone system can be utilized with the EdenPURE heater to save money. Standard Electric heaters that use resistant heating are much more expensive to operate and When tier charges and demand are involved, even more savings could be realized. amount of savings that can be provided by the EdenPURE will vary based on the situation. In some cases, the savings can be as much as 50 percent.

2. keep your home healthy and humid

The EdenPURE heater heats your home and retains that healthy humidity Other heating systems tend to burn up the humidity. In winter some homes tend to have air like a desert, hot and dry. the EdenPURE increases comfort and health By retaining the humidity. Humidity helps this heater with being more efficient because the heat penetrates the humidity and rides it throughout the home spreading the heat evenly throughout the home. The heat generated by the edenpure gets rendered heavy by the humidity and this keeps the warmth lower in the room where people are longer. This heat spreads out more instead of hovering at the ceiling and eventually escaping.

4. You Can Create Safer Air Quality in Your Home

Central air systems blow a lot of pollution into the air that you breathe. carbon dioxide fumes usually cause around 200 deaths a year and cause thousands of people to get sick. By using the EdenPURE Heater, you can mitigate and avoid these dangers. Because the EdenPURE Heater uses Infrared heating there is no fire.

3. The EdenPURE Heater is Fire Safe

Sometimes resistant heat electric heaters cause fires. Fuel Burning Heaters can sometimes have fires associated with supply systems or with homes. Because the EdenPURE Heater does not create a hot heat that would be hot enough to set things on fire outside of the heater The heat that comes out is warm and mild and safe.

5. Make Your Home A Healthy Place

Infrared light is used as therapeutic heat. Having an infrared heater can provide you some of these health benefits. Keeping humidity in the air will enhance your health. Avoiding dust, fumes and co2 will make your home more healthy. Preventing fires in the home is much better for the health of those that live in the house. A great benefit of the EdenPURE is that The EdenPURE heater does not burn oxygen in the home and this will allow the people to be more alert and be more energetic. of course, simply reducing the chance of your home catching fire will make the home safer.


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