Central heating systems are commonly used in commercial and residential houses. Instead of installing a separate heater in each house, many people prefer using central heaters because they are much more efficient and easier to maintain. Maintaining the central heater is important if you want to prolong its life. Because the heaters run almost round the clock during the winter months, it’s important that you spend a bit of money on maintenance. There are several components within the central heater that need to be maintained, such as:

  • The compressor unit
  • The air ducts and vents
  • The filters

A number of companies now offer affordable central heating services in Liskeard, so you can search online for local companies that offer central heating maintenance services when calling a central heating company. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the heater.


Servicing and cleaning the heater is very important at least once in a year. You have to make sure that the filter is properly cleaned and that the vents have been wiped to allow for smooth air flow.

Fixing Problems

Similarly, if there’s a problem with the heater, you should call a repairman and get it fixed quickly. Over the passage of time, the problem will just continue to worsen, and it could eventually render your heater useless. Make sure that you call a certified professional for repairing the heater in your house. The technician will need to check it properly first before giving you an estimate for repairs.



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