There is often no way to predict the type of defects and other issues that lead to a compromise in your asphalt roofing shingles but there are signs that you may spot at the first start of the failure that can help you save time and money. Following such signs will also ensure that you do not discover additional damage to your property such as water damage caused by leaks in the roof and you will also avoid the loss of curb appeal associated with missing or curling roof shingles. The experts who repair and replace your roof are happy to help you make the best decision for your situation and you may even find that a different option, such as ceramic tiling or even metal, is better suited to your needs.


As with absolutely anything mass produced, asphalt roofing shingles are not immune to the occasional defect upon fabrication, especially due to the fact many manufacturers search for the most affordable methods of producing the shingles. There are various grades of quality from which you can choose with asphalt shingles and you must speak with roofers in CV31 to ensure that the shingles placed on your roof are of the highest quality capable of fitting within your budget. Acting quickly once you notice your shingles prematurely cracking, curling, or falling out entirely is the only way to reduce the damage caused by an unforeseen defect in the material.

Poor Ventilation

When first installed, the ventilation of your roof must be properly set up or else the moisture and heat in your attic will have nowhere to escape, leaving you open to damage and high repair costs. Over time, you may begin to notice a weakened nail hold, an increase in the number of air pockets, and even areas of the roof in which the surface is swollen and visibly bulging.

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