Buying a washing machine is not a difficult affair any more. No more visiting different retailer shops and seeing through different machine specs to understand the one that fits the best with your requirement. Nowadays all information is available online. If you are not sure where exactly to look for the best washing machines in India, just type the exact words that you are looking for and you will have hundreds of links that would directly take to you to sellers of washing machine online.

Choosing the model that fits into your budget is easy – you just need to remember the following few points:-

  1. Decide first the type of washing machine you want – the fully automatic washing machine or the semi automatic washing machine. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the final choice is yours. One important factor here is that the washing machine price for the semi automatic one is lesser than the fully automatic one.
  2. If it is the fully automatic one, whether it will be the top loading machine or the front loading one, also needs to be decided after looking into the pros and cons of both types
  3. The capacity of the washing machine is another important aspect. Heavier the laundry, more the space required in the washer tub. Most of the machines available in the market today range between capacities of 5kgs to 10Kgs. Understanding one’s daily washing needs is vital to take a call on this one.
  4. Washtubs are made of different materials like plastic, stainless steel etc. The one made of steel will last longer and can take higher speeds but will be costlier.
  5. Look for safety features like child lock and auto restart. These are handy features which are required more often than not.
  6. Spin cycle of the machines range in the speed of 600-1800 revolutions per minute (RPM). The higher the RPM the better the machine will dry your clothes but higher will be the costs. Also going in for a machine offering the variable spin speed as a function should be preferred as different fabrics will require different spins to clean them.
  7. Check out the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star ratings on washing machines before buying. More the stars the more energy efficient the machine is which means it helps save you on your electricity bills.

The last very important point that needs checking is the availability of proper after sales services and customer support centers in your region. When buying washing machine online, check for the free demo and installation service that most of the online sites offer to their buyers. These e-shops coordinate with the brand service engineers and have it arranged on your behalf.  Most of them also additionally offer free deliveries to the address provided. The status of the shipment can be tracked online at the site itself or there would be an email in your inbox that would inform you of the status. Shopping online has another advantage – the best washing machine price is available here because of good discounts and other offers.

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