Professional building inspections are undertaken so as to inspect and then evaluate the quality of construction, maintenance, or any type of alteration of a building. These can happen to be a public building, a home, public infrastructure such as motorways, water systems, bridges and bypasses.

Periodical building inspection protects the health and safety of all people who will be using the construction and is commonly conducted by professionals in the business or government employees. An inspector will exam to make certain that a structure complies with all legal Australian ordinances and codes, and includes all lawful regulations.

Getting it done by the Law

In Australia, the International Code Council (ICC) is published for use the model building codes and construction codes. These normally serve as the footing for state and local codes, even though some extra regulations might be added, so best to check and consult professionals for building inspections in Perth, and get an expert assessment. Any area which may happen to encounter things like:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Bushfires

Additional construction methods or materials will have to be built in to limit any type of damage if any such events occur. Any areas with problems regarding things like pollution or erosion will also need the professional usage of specialised materials, designs, or methods of construction to help in creating a reduction in any kind of environmental damage.

First, Second, Third and More

  1. During a building project, the very first building inspection is carried out before any construction work starts, when the plans are being reviewed and the site is evaluated
  2. The next building inspection will take place after the footings are excavated
  3. The third inspection checks around the newly poured foundation
  4. Other inspections will occur throughout a project, and any larger type of complex buildings, they will require more thorough examinations
  5. One final building inspection is always carried out prior to any structure being used

Occasionally, a certain building inspection may be conducted by a different inspector from a service which professionally specialises in this particular field of construction. Different inspectors may specialise in buildings with reinforced concrete or intricate electrical systems, for example.

Maintenance of Earlier Buildings

With regards to older buildings, the inspector will focus on maintenance issues of a building. In Australia, there is a legal requirement for periodical inspections of any public buildings to make sure that all safety regulations are enforced, with fire safety being of a particular concern.

Any prospective homeowner should do themselves a favour and make sure that a home has a professional building inspection from a trustworthy company who specialise in such matters, before making any kind of offer on a house. These skilled inspectors are not government employee and cannot enforce building codes, but will naturally include any problems in their report.

Such a home inspection will evaluate every feature of a home, from the roof to the foundation and will give you peace of mind about purchasing a new home.

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