It’s happened to all of us at one point in our lives: we’re locked out of our own home! Fortunately, at this awkward time we can turn to an emergency locksmith to come and help us. They have the tools and the expertise to get us back into our homes, and the great thing about emergency locksmiths is they’re always on call, 24 hours per day. There’s any number of reasons we may be locked out of our homes, and every reason we should be calling a locksmith to be the person to let us back in.

Less Waiting

The reasons why we may not be able to gain access to our home are many: perhaps you were in a rush and left your keys inside, maybe you were unlucky and actually lost your keys, or sometimes with older locks you may have broken the key off. But what is most important is that we can get back inside our home as quickly as possible. Of course, with cold weather, we don’t want to be out there too long, and if it’s at night time, even more so. That’s when an emergency locksmith suddenly becomes our best friend. You can call them night or day and they’ll be round to your property as quickly as possible to let you in.

Quick Response

Locksmiths offering an emergency lockout service should be able to provide a response within an hour. That means from the moment you call them, they should be round to where you live having started the job within 60 minutes. In more remote areas you may have to wait a while longer, but emergency locksmiths will do their very best to get to you as quickly as possible. If you live in Northamptonshire then you should be guaranteed that you will be responded to within 90 minutes as a locksmith from Northampton is dispatched to you, although some of the better locksmiths will still provide a 60-minute response. Other parts of the country will have a similar arrangement.

Be Safe

Getting back into our property as quickly as possible is obviously important to us, as should be the person who’s letting you in. When you call an emergency locksmith, you should ensure that they have been approved by the industry regulations such as the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) or the Safe Contractor health and safety assessment scheme. The more established locksmith agencies will only employ people who have undergone background checks via the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). So if you err on the side of caution always call a bigger locksmith company, and request that whoever is sent to you must have a clean record.

Getting Back In

It’s happened to all of us in the past, and it is bound to happen again at some point. That’s why it’s good to know what to do in case of emergency and you are trapped outside your house. It is wise to know the number of an emergency locksmith to call so they can let you back into your home if you are ever locked out. Most emergency locksmiths should offer a one-hour response time, if not then you can at least expect a 90 minute arrival. You can put your trust into a locksmith if you’re safe in the knowledge they’ve been approved by industry standards and criminal background checks. If you’re ever locked out of home, calling an emergency locksmith should be your number one priority.

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