Gutter guards are overlooked when installing a roof or drainage system for the roof and they shouldn’t be. Some believe that gutter guards are not worth the time and money to install, but installing them now, means that you are not tackling more difficult tasks later. Gutter guards come in many materials like PVC, aluminium, steel, copper and vinyl, and they are designed to stop leaves and other rubbish from getting into your guttering. Once in there, it can block your downspouts and the drains underground, on your property. These gutter guards reduce the amount of time you have to spend doing maintenance on your home, and gives you more time to have another round of golf.

Save Time And Money.

Doing a gutter guard installation means that leaves and other stuff cannot block your guttering, drains and downspouts. If you don’t install them, then you have to clean them out by hand or employ somebody else to do it, and that means spending money and wasting time. You might still get some stuff trapped in your gutter guards, but cleaning those is a piece of cake, compared to having to pull out leaves and twigs that have embedded themselves in your guttering and pipes. Having gutter guards means less time cleaning and so time and money are saved.

No Unwanted Visitors.

There is nothing worse than having a bat, rat, squirrel or spider setting up home in your guttering system, but this is what will happen, if you don’t install gutter guards. If there is less clutter in there, then there is less moisture, which means less mosquitoes, and that can only be a good thing. If you have gutter guards installed, then this is the first line of defense against birds and rodents making their way into the inner roof of your home, and if they get in there, then the real fun will begin. You have to get the exterminators in and if any of these animals are protected, then you have to leave them there, until they move.

Bush Fires.

In the cold weather in Australia, water that is still in your guttering due to leaves and twigs, means that it will freeze and when it freezes,  it doesn’t allow water to flow into the underground drains. You now have water in your guttering that may leak onto the roof. In the event of a bush fire, the gutter guards protect you from embers that are carried in the wind. If there are dry leaves and twigs in your guttering, then they are going to be set alight, and certain kinds of gutter guards can protect you from this, so ask your installer.

Collection Of Rain Water.

If you like to collect rain water to reduce your bill, then a gutter guard means that more water can flow more freely down your down pipes and into the collection tank. More water means more regular fills, which should impact your water bill. Gutter guards also protect the life of your guttering, because less leaves and twigs, means less moisture, which inturn, means less rust for your gutters.

Installing gutter guards is a smart decision to make for many numbers of reasons. Spending a little money now, so you can save lots later, makes good financial sense.

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