An overhead garage door is a dangerous door. Not only does it contain springs and cables but it is heavy. You may believe that you might be able to save some money by repairing a malfunctioning door, think again. It is better to turn the work over to a garage door installer who has experience with both installations and repairs.

Play it Safe When it Comes to Garage Door Repairs

A few thousand people are injured each year when they try to fix their garage doors. The average garage door weighs from 90 to 220 kilograms. When you combine that weight with a broken spring, a fatality or injury could readily occur.

The springs and cables on a garage door wear out from daily wear and tear. In fact, springs often wear down after four to eight years of regular and ongoing use. Some people who consider themselves do-it-yourselfers try to take on garage door repairs themselves. They enjoy the challenge and feeling of accomplishment that comes with fixing things around the house.

However, you need to make an exception in the case of garage door maintenance. Contact local garage door installers and repair specialists to handle this type of repair. As noted, garage doors injure thousands of people annually. Not only can a crashing door lead to a mishap but you may also get injured by using the wrong parts or incorrect tools. If you install the wrong-sized springs, for instance, it can cause a door to come bolting down unexpectedly.

Always Obtain Help from a Professional Technician

If the wrong springs are used, too much tension is created, thereby wearing a door down at an increased pace. If you want to avoid injury or worse, it is better to have a technician handle a garage door installation or repair.

Moreover, determining the spring size can become complicated. Even springs that are the correct length may not be the right ones to use. For example, the diameter of the spring you purchase may be incorrect. Also, the replacement spring may be a different weight and strength. When you have a technician handle the job, however, he or she has the industry know-how to make certain that the spring that is used is indeed correct.

Do Not Waste Your Money and Time: Again, Contact a Professional

In many cases, do-it-yourselfers who try to replace their garage springs themselves eventually call a garage door professional anyway. They frequently find that the job is more difficult than they expect. In this case, they may avoid injury, but they do waste a good deal of time, which could be put to better use by contacting a professional.

If you want to save yourself both time and trouble, you should contact a garage door company if you need your garage door repaired or a new installation made. A garage door company can replace your springs quickly at an affordable price. They often back the springs they use with a warranty as well, making the repair a safe and worthwhile investment. If you want to upgrade your garage door or repair it, always contact a professional to handle the work.

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